Why should I attend TPLU?

Reason #1: Within its founders heart is Hope beyond any shadow of a doubt that God is the restorer of broken walls and lives.How broken is your life?Have people given up on you? Or have you given up on yourself? Have you lost direction in life? Please allow us two to four years of your life and watch God restore your life to His intended purpose. On the 3rd of September 2015, we lost all in the fire and our dreams of building a University seemed shattered. But against all Hope, we believed God and were persuaded that God had the power to do what He had promised(To restore all). Come experience Him at Work at TPLU.

Reason #2: Two years ago this August I stepped out of my comfort zone with only K10,000 ($1000) in my Bank Account from the K30,000 I got after five years of service as my pension determined to trust and follow God who gave me the privilege and ability of sharing in His nature of creating out of nothing.Today Twin Palm Leadership University is a testimony of that God given ability. Give us two to four years of your life and watch God cultivate that ability in your life and ministry.

Reason #3: Are you called to lead? Have you been entrusted with leadership responsibilities? Or do you have the desire to lead? Twin Palm Leadership University is a Leadership University with emphasis in Leadership. We believe that Leadership is not just a privilege for a few special people. Leadership is everyone’s business. Which means that you can also be equipped to lead. Only give us two to four years of your life.

Reason #4: Twin Palm Leadership University will introduce you to academic excellency that will set you apart and give you a place among the most educated in the land. It is possible to be spiritual and be educated. Try us and see how it works.

Reason #5: Twin Palm Leadership University is a faith based University and will teach you nothing but faith which moves mountains. All we have done has been done purely by faith. Do you have a dream or dreams? Join us and watch God step in to enable you walk right into it.

Reason #6: Twin Palm Leadership University is more than just a University, it is a Destiny Birth Place, a place guaranteed to unable you discover who you were created to be.