1. Registration:

Twinpalm Leadership University is a fully registered University under PACRA and the HIGHER EDUCATION AUTHORITY and is therefore an approved institution by the ministry of higher education in the Republic of Zambia. Registration number HEA 044

2. Accreditation:

Twinpalm Leadership University is a fully regionally accredited University in the Republic of Zambia by the Higher Education Authority. And on top of that it is in the process of getting all its projected ten schools accredited.

3. Degrees

Under-graduate Studies

  1. Bachelor’s degrees
  2. Diploma
  3. Certificate

Graduate Studies

  1. Masters Degrees

Post graduate studies

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (PH.d)
  2. Doctor of Ministries
  3. Post Graduate Diplomas
  4. The University also confers Honorary Degrees to deserving Leaders.


  1. TPLU is a research center providing research-based programs. Every Bachelors, Masters and PHD degree graduate will be expected to publish a well research twelve chapter book before graduation.